Sunday, October 10, 2010


I want to be romantically and sexually involved with an underage boy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

World of craft

I'm working on a project. It'll be an massively multiplayer online role playing game(MMORPG) where you play with other people of similar interest in game genre, over the internet. I'm either going to call it world of watching a field at night from afar, or Dawn of the dignity enhancing staff. I'm going to make 15 playable races, including humans and Goblorcs. I'm going to charge a minimal fee of around $1.5 per month, to try and fund my insatiable need of fine dining. The world will take place in a world of war. The craft will be of war proportions and trade skills will be available to the players. I'm talking to lego for a sponsorship. I'm hoping to launch this game in late 2001, around the date of September 10-12.

Today I was a day.

I fucking walked all over the mall today and saw like 10 year old girls and stuff and I was like lol let's abduct them, then I was like. I don't even. I walked over to chipoltle or what the fuck ever and was like I want a burrito and they didn't even have any and I was so pissed.